Dodo Restaurants:
a New Level
Dodo differs from other pizza delivery chains in its approach to restaurants: there are no waiters, but our dining spaces are pleasant to be in—they are full-fledged city cafés.

Developing our restaurants is especially important to compete with delivery aggregators. Besides, a good dining area increases profitability. It means we can reduce delivery areas and improve their speed and efficiency.

At the moment, however, not all Dodo restaurants are working at full capacity: the average revenue of a restaurant in our Russian network is only $ 22,000 (1.4 million rubles). In the coming year, we will improve the restaurant’s format with an updated menu, more accessible prices, and new technologies.
Dodo Pizza Moscow
Products for One
We are going to significantly broaden our range of inexpensive offers for one person. First of all, we will expand the selection of pizza slices. For that we will use the advantages of our Dodo IS digital platform to help us predict demand and minimize wastage. In addition to that, there will be new variations of the Dodster, our house special hot sandwich, as well as more dessert options. We are also experimenting with completely new products—hot cereals like oatmeal and soups.
Pizzas on Plates
Currently, we serve pizzas in restaurants in the same boxes we deliver them in. That leads to more expenses. Not to mention that a lot of guests would prefer their pizza on a plate, like in an actual restaurant. This year we are conducting an experiment: serving pizzas on trays and bringing them to tables. If the test is successful, we will roll out this approach chain-wide.
Hot and Ready
We have always prepared our main products on demand. This approach minimizes wastage and ensures that a guest always gets a fresh product. Cooking in advance is more difficult: you have to predict demand and discard products that have become stale. We are going to learn to work with this new sales category and implement the Hot and Ready system in locations with high customer traffic. Our guests will be able to get a Dodster or even a whole Pepperoni pizza, already prepared and always in stock.
Be Your Own Cashier
A lot of chains install kiosks that allow guests to make their own orders in a restaurant. That lifts some of the load off a restaurant's team, but why have a kiosk when everyone has a phone in their pocket these days? Unlike the app, a kiosk doesn't know your preferences and can't allow you to make an order on the way to the café, so you will have to wait for your order to be prepared. Instead of kiosks, we are going to offer an in-restaurant order service through our app (3.7 million people already use it to order delivery). We will also update our loyalty program, so customers will only be able to spend acquired bonuses via their phones.
In-restaurant order service prototypes
A lot of restaurant innovations seem like a revolution for Dodo. Changes can be frightening, but we always test all adjustments in our company-owned pizza shops first. Many of our new concepts have already been implemented in the new Dodo pizzeria near Taganskaya metro station in the center of Moscow. We serve a large selection of ready-made pizza slices there; there are hot cereals on the menu and five ready-made Pepperoni pizzas are always in stock at an attractive price. From its very first day of operation, our Taganskaya pizzeria has been setting records in sales.

This is just the beginning…