Dodo Results: 500 Pizza Shops
and 80% Growth
In April 2011, Fyodor Ovchinnikov launched the first Dodo pizzeria in Syktyvkar. Since then, only eight years have passed. One pizzeria has become a whole pizza chain of 500 pizzerias.

Dodo Pizza now holds the top position in the pizza markets of Russia and Kazakhstan. Dodo Pizza is one of the fastest-growing pizza chains in the world, already active in 12 countries. Dodo Pizza is a company with real global ambitions, already operating on two continents, and soon to launch on a third.

In 2018/19, we’ve strengthened our leading position in our home market, launched new digital products, and begun to expand our presence in Belarus, China, and the UK.
In July 2019, the milestone 500th Dodo pizza shop opened its doors. Over the past year, between June 2018 and June 2019, we’ve added 152 pizzerias to our chain. 126 new pizzerias opened in Russia, 19 in neighboring countries, and 6 in Europe. We’ve also opened one more pizzeria in the US and closed one franchisee pizzeria in China, launching a company-owned one instead. It took Dodo Pizza just eight years to grow from 0 to 500 pizza shops.
Dodo Pizza number 500 in downtown Moscow (Russia)
80% Sales Growth
Over the past 12 months, between July 2018 and June 2019, the Dodo chain’s system-wide sales in all 12 countries have exceeded 17.5 million rubles (more than $ 260 million dollars). It has shown 80% growth (in rubles) year-over-year. Dodo Pizza remains the fastest-growing chain in the world, not only in the pizza market, but in the fast food market in general.
Number One in Russia
Since 2016, Dodo Pizza has been the biggest pizza chain in Russia. Over the last year, we’ve done a lot to maintain our leading position. We’ve expanded our chain. We’ve expanded our presence in Moscow, where our chain has grown from 31 to 63 pizzerias. We’ve become the most recognizable pizza chain brand, with 37% of people in Russia now naming Dodo Pizza first when asked about pizza delivery brands they know. We’ve achieved this by virtue of several major advertising campaigns on national TV. In late 2018, we increased contributions to our joint marketing fund from 1% to 3% of pizzeria revenue, which was a decision voted for by the majority of our partners.
As of July 2019, according to public data
Dodo IS—One Million Reviews
More than 80 software developers work on Dodo IS, our own cloud digital platform for pizza business management. In 2018/19, we’ve made a lot of improvements as part of our four key projects—open rating, delivery, customization, and direct marketing. For example, our customers can now order half-and-half pizza on our website and via the mobile app, and this customized pizza has become the most popular item on our menu. Our customers can also review and comment on their orders via the mobile app. We’ve already received more than a million scores. As a result, every Dodo pizzeria now has an open rating based on their customers' reviews.
Half-and-half pizza interface
Dodo Pizza in Belarus—10 Pizzerias
In autumn 2018, the Belarusian market entry turned out to be the most successful new country launch in the history of our brand. Currently, there are ten Dodo pizzerias in Minsk, Brest, and Mogilev, and the total Belarusian chain turnover exceeds $ 400,000 a month.
Dodo Pizza in Minsk, Belarus
11% Outside of Russia
More than 11% of the entire chain's revenue is already generated outside Russia; a year ago, this figure was only 9%. We're continuing our global expansion—we've already launched a pilot pizza shop in China and three pizzerias in the UK, and soon we will open our first unit in Nigeria. Our Slovenian launch in February 2019 has again proved that the Dodo model can be successful in different markets; within just three months, our Ljubljana pizzeria's sales reached $50,000.