The Dodo Menu:
From England to Thailand
Results: Product
We want people to love Dodo Pizza both for our execution of classic recipes and our bold experiments. That’s why we are constantly refining our base menu and launching seasonal products. In the past year, we have improved our sauces (the key ingredient in all our pizzas) updated a few traditional pizzas, and also launched some stellar menu additions including Hot Punch, Sweet Rolls and the Tom Yum Pizza.
New Signature Sauce
In September 2018, Dodo Pizza switched to a new tomato sauce. It was tailor-made for us by Mutti, an Italian company that is more than a century old and one of the leaders in the pizza sauce industry. For the first time in history, Mutti has produced an exclusive sauce for a partner. To develop the perfect product, we conducted a survey that included about six hundred respondents. The new sauce turned out to be more popular than not only its predecessor, but our direct competitors' sauces as well. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s 10% cheaper.
Punch: Even Better Than Coffee
In October 2018, we launched our first seasonal beverage—an alcohol-free Spicy Punch. In Russia, it brought in around $ 560,000 (35 million rubles) for the company, that is, about 6% of all beverage sales. During the entire six month offer period, this new hot beverage remained in the top three bestselling drinks, often outselling even many coffee drinks. Hot beverages attract new customers and help pizzerias raise their profitability thanks to the high margin. The Spicy Punch launch has allowed us to increase sales in this category.
New Stellar Dessert: Sweet Rolls
In December 2018, we launched a new dessert—Sweet Rolls. From the first week onwards, they have maintained their number one spot in their category in terms of sales, and they are still in that position to this day. In the space of six months, 400 thousand customers have tried our rolls, having spent more than $ 900,000 (57 million rubles) on them. Today, Sweet Rolls generate a quarter of all dessert revenue. Thanks to this product, sales in the whole dessert category have risen by more than 15%.
Four Cheese Pizza: A New Sauce, a New Recipe
In mid-2018, we realized that we were losing to our direct competitors in terms of pizza sauce variety. That’s why we decided to launch a cream sauce, in addition to our existing tomato and cheese options. Together with our supplier we have developed a sauce based on real dairy cream. By the end of 2018, we had already begun making pizza with our new white sauce, and we’d also updated the Four Cheese pizza. After its relaunch, sales have grown by more than 60% with no additional promotional investments.
Thai Weeks at Dodo
In February 2019, we began selling two seasonal products—the Tom Yum pizza and the Mango Shake. To promote these hot products during winter, we shot an ad in Thailand. These additions hit the spot with the public and held the top-selling positions for a few months. Almost 300 thousand customers have tried the Tom Yum pizza and almost 230 thousand have tried the Mango Shake. Those two account for more than $ 3M (189 million rubles) in revenue—that's 5% of all pizza and beverage sales.
New Cheeseburger Pizza and Seafood Pizza Recipes
In May 2019, we updated two pizzas that hadn’t been altered for more than five years—the Cheeseburger pizza and the Seafood pizza. Since their relaunch, the first has seen a 122% sales increase; the second, a 35% increase.
Results: Marketing