Building the Foundations
Key Projects: A Pizzeria to Last Forever
Since the day it was founded, Dodo Pizza has shown a record rate of growth; so far, every year our revenue has at least doubled. And all this time we have been trying to build pizzerias as quickly as possible to match our ever-growing ambitious plans.

At some point we noticed that some of our shops had begun to "grow old" before their time; they stopped meeting our standards and required additional maintenance investment.

In 2018, we decided to change our approach to building, and learn to build not only quickly, but also sustainably and therefore, efficiently. In a year we’ve created a new design system that helps our partners open "pizzerias to last forever."
Recorded in a Book
Having explored best practices, we’ve created RoomBook, a collection of articles outlining the correct way of building pizzerias. It contains exhaustive information on designing and constructing different parts of a pizza shop. RoomBook is translated into English and is available to our international partners. It is updated on a monthly basis and now contains more than 80 illustrated pages.
A page from RoomBook
New Projects: More Than Pictures
In the past, our partners built pizzerias using our design plans and interior visualization materials. But high-quality construction is impossible without actual project documentation. That is why we’ve developed standards and technical requirements for every stage of the design process, from the electrical wiring to ventilation, and now we thoroughly check the project details before beginning construction. To draw up these design plans, our partners can now use the services of the companies we recommend.
Auditing for Partners
Not all our partners know their way around a construction site, so the quality of the building work is now being judged by professionals. Professional expertise helps guard against contractor misconduct. An auditor from a company approved by us is dispatched to the site and there the unit is compared in detail with the design documentation. To finish the project, the contractor has to rectify any mistakes.
And that's not all! We have also…
  • Made dozens of pizzeria features more durable, from the paving tiles to the checkout area;
  • Developed contracts protecting our partners' interests during construction;
  • Created a community for sharing experience in pizzeria construction.
Results: Product