Hangzhou, Brighton, Lagos,
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Results: Global Growth
Dodo Pizza is not only the number one pizza chain in Russia, but also a global franchise already active in 12 countries. Our long-term goal is to build an international brand that will achieve global success.

The Dodo model has already proved effective in Russia’s neighboring countries, including Kazakhstan, Lithuania, and Estonia, and the opening of our pizzerias in Belarus in autumn 2018 turned out to be Dodo Pizza’s most successful entry into a new national market.

By the end of 2021, we’re expecting to increase the number of Dodo pizza shops outside of CIS from 16 to 200. We’re planning on developing several new national pizza markets, such as Slovenia and Nigeria. However, our main focus is China and the UK, both of which are hard to crack but also quite promising.
Pizza a la Hangzhou
In May 2019, the first company-owned Dodo Pizza in China was launched in Hangzhou. We’ve created a totally new pizza shop concept for the Chinese market, targeting foot traffic and aiming for a quick takeaway service (pizza delivery remains an additional sales channel). Our Chinese pizza is not a full meal but a snack food or even a dessert with exotic fruits—exotic for Europeans, that is. The pizzeria’s interior design is also unique, as we put an emphasis on video screens on the walls. All orders are paid for via WeChat messenger, and for that we’ve developed our own mobile app. This is the first time our team had to come up with so many innovative solutions in one go.
Dodo Pizza Hangzhou
We didn't expect a quick win, but the initial results are already quite inspiring. In June, our weekly sales reached 20,000 yuan (around $ 2,800). In the coming year, we will hone our business model and launch several more company-owned pizzerias in China; after that, we will begin to develop our franchise network in the country.
The latest version of the Dodo app for WeChat
BRITAIN Reloaded
The United Kingdom is one of the largest pizza markets in the world—that's why we've decided to enter the UK market and develop our business there. The first Dodo pizzeria in England opened back in late 2017, as an experiment implemented by one of our partners. A year later, we decided to relaunch this pizza shop with the support of the Dodo managing company. Our team updated the menu, adjusted prices, and reassessed the marketing strategy. In three months, we've managed to double sales to £25,000. And that's just the beginning.
Dodo Pizza Brighton
Coventry and Walsall: First Partners
In 2019, three more franchised Dodo Pizza shops opened in the UK—in Coventry, Walsall, and Walsall Wood. All of them were launched by our British partners—they've become the first Dodo franchisees who don’t speak Russian and have no ties to Russia. Our goal is to launch up to 30 pizzerias in the UK by the end of 2021, and not only franchised. We’re already looking for premises for our first company-owned pizzeria there.
Belarus: Ta-Da—10 Pizzerias!
In September 2018, Dodo Pizza arrived in Belarus. Entrepreneur Vadim Tkachuk had previously been developing the Sbarro pizza chain but then decided to join the Dodo brand, becoming our master franchisee. The first Dodo pizzerias opened in the best Minsk locations and achieved 40 to 70 thousand dollars a month in sales right away. The Belarusian market entry has turned out to be the most successful new country launch in our history. Currently, there are ten Dodo pizzerias in Minsk, Brest, and Mogilev, and the total Belarusian chain turnover exceeds $ 400,000 a month.
Dodo Pizza Minsk
Slovenia: as Good as Syktyvkar
Slovenia is a charming but quite small country of just over two million people. The capital city Ljubljana has a population of 260,000, more or less the size of the Russian city of Syktyvkar where the first Dodo pizza shop opened in 2011. The Slovenes took to our pizza at once; within just three months, the pizzeria's sales reached $50,000. And that's a very enviable start, even for some of our partners in larger cities and richer countries.
Dodo Pizza Ljubljana
Nigeria: Great Opportunities
In autumn 2019, the first Dodo Pizza in Africa will open in Nigeria, the most populous country on the continent with 200 million citizens. It's a growing market already being cultivated by global brands. We'll launch in Lagos, a city of 20 million people, together with our master franchisee who is raising funding in Europe and planning to build a big multi-brand fast food company. The opportunity to contribute to development in Africa is an important and exciting challenge for the Dodo Pizza team.
Future Dodo Pizza Lagos
And that's not all! We have also…
  • Expanded our chain in Kazakhstan from 22 to 30 pizzerias, retaining our top position in the Kazakhstan pizza market;
  • Opened our third pizzeria in the US—in Memphis, one of the largest cities in the American South;
  • Launched Dodo Pizza in Tashkent, entering a new phase of the Uzbekistan pizza market development.
Eurasia: Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan. Europe: Estonia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia, UK
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