Map of Success: From Tallinn
to Novy Urengoy
From day one, Dodo Pizza has published the monthly revenue data of every Dodo pizzeria. This financial openness helps our company build trust with partners and investors and motivates us to improve our performance. The 2018/19 season brought us several new record highs: for our new units in small Siberian towns, and our existing pizzerias in Russia and abroad.
Novy Urengoy: $300,000
The second Dodo pizzeria in Novy Urengoy opened less than a year ago, and with about 10 million rubles in sales, it already tops the list of our best-performing pizzerias. Novy Urengoy is an oil and gas city, with a population of around 115,000 people. And all of them are crazy about Dodo Pizza, apparently, because our first Novy Urengoy pizza shop is also gaining on the leader. In May 2019, it ranked 10th in the overall ranking of Dodo pizza stores, and total revenue from both Novy Urengoy pizzerias came close to $ 300,000 (more than 19 million rubles).
Tallinn: €200,000
Dodo Pizza in the Estonian capital has been the most successful Dodo pizzeria outside Russia for several years now. In May 2019, our first Tallinn pizzeria came second in our ranking with revenue of 133,000 euro, or 9.6 million rubles. And its business wasn't hampered by the launch of our second Tallinn pizzeria in June 2018, though the latter has also been performing strongly. In May, its revenue exceeded 80,000 euro, and together these two pizzerias generated 213,000 euro, or more than 15 million rubles.
Dodo Pizza Tallinn
Ukhta: $150,000
Dodo Pizza Ukhta was our first ever franchised unit. It was launched back in 2012, but is still in excellent shape. In March 2019, it made around $ 150,000 (10 million rubles) in sales for the first time.
Nadym: $100,000
There are fewer than 45,000 people in the Siberian town of Nadym, but within just four months of operation, Dodo Pizza Nadym has made it into the Top 15 of all Dodo pizza shops. In May 2019, it generated more than $ 100,000 (7.6 million rubles) in revenue.
Dodo Pizza Nadym
Brașov: 500,000 Leu
The first Dodo franchisee outside of Russia launched back in 2014, in Brașov, Romania. For the first two years it yielded quite modest results, but now it unfailingly makes the Top 30 of the most successful Dodo pizzerias in the world. In January 2019, the first Dodo pizzeria in Brașov achieved 500,000 leu, or more than $ 120,000, in sales for the first time.
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