Freedom of Choice
Key Projects: Customization
In the summer of 2018, we set ourselves a goal: to design the best create-your-own-pizza interface in the world. We wanted it to become so popular that 20% of all our pizzas would be customized.

Customization (the option to put together a pizza according to a personal recipe) is a great way to give people freedom of choice without bloating the menu. And the wider the choice, the more often customers will return to us.

Six months later, we introduced the option to combine two pizzas in one. Since then, "Half-and-half pizza" has become our most popular pizza for delivery in Russia.

We have also developed and begun testing a "smart" build-your-own-pizza service. It will be launched in every country by the end of the year.
Two Pizzas in One
Since December 2018, our customers have been able to make their own large pizza from two recipes. For example, they can order a pizza one half of which is Pepperoni and the other half is Hawaiian. Now 7% of all pizzas sold are half-and-half. Nine out of ten customers who have tried it are willing to recommend it to their friends.
Half-and-half pizza interface on the Dodo website
Interface: Mobile-First
Ordering a half-and-half is extremely easy, even in the mobile app, thanks to our unique but intuitive interface. For those who like experimenting we've added a random recipe feature.
Half-and-half pizza interface in the Dodo app
Kitchen Ready for Customization!
In order for us to make half-and-half pizzas quickly and without mistakes (so that later we could move on to fully customized pizzas) we improved the kitchen workflow. We changed the order in which ingredients and sauces are added, simplified the ingredient symbols and also made a new order tracker. Now it has more screen space for the recipe. This new tracker shows ingredients that were removed and added to the recipe, so it's easy to understand which pizza to make.
A new order tracker showing toppings excluded from recipes
The Smart Way To Build a Pizza
Having studied pizza customization in other companies around the world, we've realized the traditional solutions have their fair share of flaws. Many allow you to make a pizza with ingredients that don't go together. And these interfaces are way too complicated. We've decided to go our own way: we've opted for an interface that recommends three carefully-chosen complementary ingredients for every recipe on our menu. This approach gives our customers the variety they need, but also guarantees that the final product is delicious. We are currently in the process of testing the "smart" build-your-own pizza interface in our pizzerias. By the fall of 2019, it will be active in all of Russia, and by the end of the year, all over the world.
Adding complementary toppings to our original recipes in the Dodo app
Key Projects: Direct Marketing