Coming to the Right Place
Key Projects: Direct Marketing
Direct marketing is a great way to reach people in the era of information overload. The more precise and unique a brand's message, the better chance it has of winning over an audience.

In June 2018, delivery revenue from direct communication channels—such as email or SMS mailing lists—accounted for only 1.3% of Dodo's total revenue.

We believe in unmediated communication and had set a goal to increase that figure to 10% by the end of the year. By December 2018, we were approaching 20%.
In-App Notifications
In September 2018, we updated our mobile app to send push notifications to users. We began using that technology to inform customers about our new products and best deals. Our notifications are smart. Often they are based on an individual customer’s order history and preferences. For example, the system can suggest a promotional offer that includes a particular product from the menu that the customer has ordered most frequently over the past two months. Within a month, push notifications have become a top direct communication channel in terms of sales, generating 55% of revenue.
Dodo Club
In September 2018, we created the virtual Dodo Club. By submitting their email address, customers could subscribe to our special offer newsletter. Every new subscriber was given a Dodster (our house special wrap). In the first three months alone we gathered about 150 thousand email addresses (now it's closer to 500 thousand). Today this marketing channel brings in 14% of our total direct marketing revenue.
Suggestions in the Cart…
We have set a goal to increase the average check by means of personalized recommendations on the website and in the mobile app. The algorithm examines the products in the shopping cart and offers options to choose from, based on similar purchase data. In June 2019, revenue from products added to the shopping cart through the new recommendation widget accounted for 0.64% of total delivery revenue.
Complementary options interface on the Dodo website in Russia
…and Suggestions at Checkout
We have also introduced recommendations at restaurant checkouts. The interface reminds the cashier to suggest a certain product to the customer. This tool was tested on Sweet Rolls, and on average sales of the dessert have increased by 26% (and in some pizzerias they have more than doubled). We now use checkout recommendations to promote seasonal products in our restaurants.
Key Projects: A Pizzeria to Last Forever