Delivery Time Cut by 8 Minutes
Key Projects: Fast Delivery
The world has changed. When people order delivery they don't want to wait for an hour to get their food, they want it in half that time—at the most. That is exactly the time frame delivery aggregators are working with nowadays.

Dodo Pizza was already fast at delivery, but in the summer of 2018 we decided we wanted to make that even faster. We set an ambitious goal to lower our average delivery speed in Eurasia (Russia and its neighboring countries) from 42 to 27 minutes.

For a chain of more than 400 pizzerias, getting even one minute faster is a difficult task. In one year we managed to slash our delivery time by eight minutes, closing in on our target delivery time by 53%.

Average delivery time in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan
Want a Good Rating? Hurry Up
At Dodo Pizza an internal pizzeria rating is as important as revenue. With bad ratings, partners are not able to open new shops and they can even lose their existing ones. Before, the rating did not reflect whether pizza was delivered in 42 or 27 minutes. Our new system gives more points to those managing to deliver within 30 minutes. On top of that, the delivery speed was previously based on deliveries to mystery shoppers. Now for every pizza shop an average delivery speed is calculated based on all deliveries done in a week. The data comes straight from Dodo IS.
Traffic? Use a Bike or a Scooter
Dodo Pizza used to deliver only by car or on foot. This past year we've been testing alternative modes of transportation, and we've incorporated three of them: motor scooters, electric scooters, and tricycles. They have proved their efficiency in metropolitan areas congested with traffic. These new types of transport also reduce delivery costs of total delivery revenue—down from 20% to 16%.
Buried in orders? Dodo IS Will Help
We have completely reworked the Dodo IS interface at our delivery stations. The system estimates the delivery route taking into consideration possible traffic jams, the type of transport and the best direction to take for all chosen orders.
New delivery station interface
If an estimated delivery time is 30 to 45 minutes, it's marked yellow; more than 45 minutes, red. Orders can also be visualized on the map. All this makes it much easier to decide which addresses to take in one go and which form of transport to use.
Selected orders on a map shown with the best route and delivery time estimates
Faster Than Everyone Else? Five Stars Are Yours
We've tested five incentive systems for our delivery drivers and chosen the best one. The most fruitful turned out to be the one that compared the delivery estimate with the actual delivery time. Every driver's rating includes the percentage of deliveries made within the estimated time. It is displayed in a familiar way—five stars.
Lagging? Everyone Will Know
Now everyone can see how fast we are—we publish our average delivery speed in the last seven days in every city right on our website. Our data is honest. It comes directly from Dodo IS. Honest and open information about our speed of delivery on the website is a great motivation for the team to improve.
And that's not all! We have also…
  • Created a financial model for pizza delivery. It helps our partners establish an efficient management system for delivery;
  • Developed a tool for projecting delivery areas based on history data in online map services;
  • Improved the packing list with the order's data for drivers;
  • Written the Delivery Handbook. It has everything a manager needs to know in order to establish a quick service.
Key Projects: Customization