Number One Brand
Results: Marketing
In spring 2018, Dodo Pizza launched its first nationwide TV advertising campaign. After that, almost 20% of Russians named Dodo Pizza first when asked about which pizza delivery brands they knew.

In the past year, we've increased that number to 37% through other ad campaigns and come first in the list of the most recognizable pizza chains in general. Now it's official—Dodo Pizza is the number one pizza brand in Russia.

Our brand continues to grow and evolve. Our new boxes are as hot as they come. (Just an opinion.)
% of respondents named Dodo Pizza first when asked about which pizza delivery brands they knew
…And Dodo Pizza Will Deliver!
Last winter, fighting our way through the advertising noise, we launched an unconventional ad campaign. We broadcast brief video clips on national TV channels and YouTube. The clips were very diverse and their content depended on the context of the placement, but they invariably ended with a simple and catchy rhyme, "…And Dodo Pizza will deliver!" For example, "You're looking at a peaceful river, and Dodo Pizza will deliver!" Or, "This sprinter is a real achiever, and Dodo Pizza will deliver!" There were more than 700 unique video clips. With a total campaign budget of more than a million dollars (67 million rubles), more than 27 million people saw our clips on TV, and more than 36 million on the internet. And Dodo Pizza became the most recognizable pizza delivery brand in Russia.
Boxes with Riddles
Pizza and snack boxes are a vital element of branding for every pizza chain. We consider pizza boxes a very valuable asset and update them regularly. Our new boxes provide hours of entertainment—their designs include lots of familiar characters and little stories, and sometimes there’s a riddle for you to solve, to decipher the meaning of a story. There is no text on the boxes (except for the brand name); for the first time, we’ve created a uniform design concept for all twelve countries Dodo Pizza currently operates in.
New pizza box design
Social Media: 46 MILLION VIEWS
We’ve set ourselves a goal to become the biggest fast food brand on social media. We’ve invested heavily in interactive campaigns, and that has turned out to be a good decision; our Dodo Puzzle game has brought us 300,000 followers, and our How Much Time You’ve Spent Online service 170,000 more. In the past year, the number of followers in all our groups has increased from 1.9 million to 3.3 million. Our posts in groups alone are being read about 46 million times a month. Now 6% of our website visitors come from social media.
An example of our promo campaign on Instagram
Local Digital—Unite and Track 'Em
Our partners invest considerable financial resources in online advertising. We decided to build an efficient system to help them operate on digital channels. This resulted in our online dashboard for advertising effectiveness monitoring. Now every local marketing expert can monitor their online advertising campaign results. In addition, we've selected the best digital marketing agencies out there and started a CPA (cost per action) campaign with a fixed price for attracting new customers. All our Russian partners can take part in it. In nine months, this campaign has brought us more than 500,000 new customers.
The Dodo Manifesto
Usually, we tell our customers about our product. This year, we've created our first brand manifesto to tell a wide audience about Dodo Pizza's history and the principles of our business. Our new video clip proclaims Dodo Pizza's commitment to total openness and describes the effects that has on our business, as well as the advantages it brings our customers. We'll start promoting this video clip on YouTube in fall 2019.
And that's not all! We have also…
  • Run another advertising campaign in Russia—in April and May 2019— that brought us more than 118,000 new customers and resulted in 1.1 million downloads of the Dodo mobile app;
  • Launched the Wow Cashier online course and published a guidebook for cashiers explaining the principles of customer relations in layman's terms;
  • Learned how to promote master classes for children on Instagram, reached an audience of 1.7 million users, and increased the number of master class applications by a factor of 1.7.
  • Designed new combos, increasing their share of sales from 5% to 9%.
Results: Digital B2C Products