The Smartphone As a Growth Driver
Results: Digital B2C Products
As early as April 2018, sales revenue generated through the Dodo Pizza mobile app outstripped restaurant on-site orders. In our Russian pizzerias the app currently accounts for more than 40% of sales and 65% of pizza delivery revenue.

And that’s not surprising. It’s much easier to make an order through a mobile app, more so if it’s not your first order. And the website becomes an essential tool for landing new customers; that’s where people get to know our brand for the first time.

Top-of-the-line, fast, and powerful digital B2C products are a vital part of the Dodo IS digital platform. That’s one of the key competitive advantages of the Dodo Pizza franchise. For the past year, we’ve been improving our digital products and we’ve also begun to roll out our mobile app in new national markets.
One World, One App
Many of our competitors have a separate mobile app for every national market. If you want to order a pizza in a new country, you have to download and install a new app from the local App Store or Google Play. We’ve developed a one-stop mobile app that will work in any country where the Dodo Pizza brand operates. Over the past year, we’ve launched the app in Kazakhstan, Belarus and Romania, and it now generates 32%, 31%, and 4% of delivery sales respectively.
Dodo app: interfaces for Belarus and Romania
Best Website for New Customers
The job of our website is to introduce the Dodo brand to people and give them a chance to try our product; then we can convert them into loyal customers and motivate them to install our app. In the past year, we’ve improved our website a lot, making it an instrumental first point of contact. Among other things, we’ve started to broadcast the pizzeria video stream on the main page, added a pizzeria rating system, started to publish average delivery times, and improved the shopping cart. As a result, the order conversion rate has increased from 9% to 11%, which generates about $ 24,000 (1.5 million rubles) a month for our Russian branch.
A new Dodo website
A Good Website Is a Fast Website
After you load our website for the first time, you can jump from page to page almost instantly. Even a fraction of a second is important, and boosting the website loading speed has accounted for approximately $ 4,800 (300 thousand rubles) in additional revenue for the entire Russian chain. The faster our website is, the less frequently people leave it without ordering, and the higher the order conversion rate.
Addresses Snared
Sometimes, having seen the Dodo Pizza ads on the TV, people come to our website or install our app only to find their addresses are not yet in our delivery zone—which means there are no Dodo pizza shops close by. Previously, we could do nothing about it. Now we’ve launched an "address snare" feature—customers can leave their contact details, and we’ll send a message when Dodo Pizza comes to their neighborhood. This feature allows us to collect customers' contact details even before new pizzerias have opened.
And that's not all! We have also…
Results: Digital Products for Business