Made for Millions
Our older pizza shops have stopped growing, despite us launching popular menu additions, developing advanced digital products and making the best ads on the market. Why?

Russia's economy has been in stagnation for many years now, household incomes are shrinking, and Dodo Pizza has become too expensive for many. Let's be honest, our team has completely missed the market shift.

In the 2019/2020 season we are going to make the Dodo brand accessible without compromising the quality of our product and service.
The More, the Cheaper
Pizza is a perfect product for large groups. If you're having a party, it's much easier to order five different pizzas for every taste than argue about who wants sushi, who wants wok and who wants burgers. Large delivery orders can get large discounts, because delivering five pizzas to one place is cheaper than delivering them one by one to five different places. We are going to make a convenient build-your-own combo interface, both on the website and in the app. Our customers will see that the more you order at once, the bigger the discount.
The More Often, the Better
Our loyal customers order pizza once a month or more frequently. That's just 7% of our 12 million Russian clients, but they bring in 29% of the revenue. Attracting new customers isn't the cheapest of affairs. That's why our key goal is turning occasional customers into loyal ones, increasing the frequency of purchase. To achieve this, we will change our loyalty system: we are going to start offering people time-limited personalized discounts in the app and through other channels.
Personalized discounts interface prototype
Gifts for Loyal Customers
We will also encourage regular customers with gifts from partner companies. A lot of brands nowadays are interested in accessing our multimillion audience to get exposure. For that opportunity, they are prepared to give customers a free one-month subscription or a large discount on their product or service. We have already established cooperation with Litres, Amediateka, and Ozon.
Simple Pizzas
There are more than a few people in the world who prefer simple pizzas with only one or two ingredients. The fact that such pizzas are affordable is also a plus. For minimalism enthusiasts we are going to make a simple build-your-own pizza interface that will allow customers to create easy recipes and place orders in a couple of clicks or taps.
To Be, and Also to Seem
It is important not only to be accessible, but also to seem accessible. People gauge whether a certain establishment is expensive or not by popular products, the prices of which they know well. These tracer products can be items such as a Pepperoni pizza, a cup of cappuccino or an ice cream cone. We are going to update our menu so that our tracer products always look competitive and accessible.
Strategy and goals 2019/2020