From Dough to Delight
Results: Digital Products for Business
The Dodo IS digital platform is our IT system for managing a pizza delivery chain. Developing it this past season we’ve been focusing on four key projects for this year—delivery, customization, direct marketing, and our new open rating. Each of these projects demanded significant adjustments to the system, so that is where most of our energy has been directed. At the same time, we haven’t stopped refining other parts of Dodo IS as well.
Five-Day Dough Management
Dodo IS can now manage the pizza dough stock, which is a useful feature for pizzerias that make their own dough as opposed to being supplied from a commissary. The system helps monitor the supplies of flour and other ingredients, and calculates the production cost of the pizza base. This feature is already active for the five-day dough commonly used at pizza shops baking their own dough. Next year, we will add an eight-day dough option.
Deals for Cities
We have improved our special deals management system so it can limit discounts and promotional offers to just one or several cities. Before that, our marketing experts responsible for nationwide marketing campaigns could only create one special offer, which was valid in every pizzeria in the country. Now they can make, for instance, an exclusive offer for our Moscow or Saint Petersburg customers. At the same time, error reports on the website have become smarter. Previously, when a customer used an invalid promo code, the system would display an incomprehensible message that said "special offer conditions are not met." Now it can explain exactly what went wrong. For example, it can suggest how many products should be added to the order to qualify for a gift.
Happiness INSIDE
Every month we survey our employees on their workplace conditions and compile a Happiness Index based on their answers. This tool helps keep track of the teams' mood. Before, we used simple online forms. The new Happiness Index survey opens up directly in an employee’s profile in Dodo IS. As a result, our employees now fill out the form three times more often than before.
Happiness Index survey in Dodo IS
Mobile Guidelines and Schedules
Personal accounts and our employee handbook are the principal Dodo IS tools for members of our kitchen teams. In their accounts they can schedule their shifts and use our guidelines to familiarize themselves with the workplace rules. We’ve redesigned both UIs and adapted them for smartphones. Now more than 65% of employees access their personal accounts and the handbook on mobile devices.
Employee handbook: now accessible on mobile
Ad Layouts in Two Clicks
Dodo is investing more and more money in national advertising. However, local marketing remains an important part of our promo strategy. Our old ad layout database provoked a good deal of criticism. We’ve made a new, fast and convenient version. It also lowers the risk of layouts being stolen: access to this database is only possible through a Dodo IS account.
Results: Global Growth